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Havana’s stark contrasts, its 1950’s retro feel, incredible fleet of classic cars and its fabulous architecture are just a few of its signature trademarks you won’t find anywhere else.
Holguin Province is Cuba´s fourth largest. The north coast has been a substantial amount of development over the last 10 to 15 years and the beaches of Playa Guardalavaca are now firmly established with foreign tour operators.
Camaguey City
The panorama of Camagüey is uniformly flat, broken up only by palm trees, whilst the soil, some of the most fertile in the land, makes it suitable for the growing of sugar cane.
Baracoa is located on the northern coast of Guantanamo Province, over 620 miles (1000 km) east of Havana. You can get there by flying Gustavo Rizo Airport, which handles small and medium-sized planes, or by driving along the Moa-Baracoa highway or the La Farola viaduct, which links Baracoa with regions to the south. This last is an impressive feat of engineering that winds among mountains 1968 feet (600 m) above the sea level and has nine bridges that hang out over precipices.
Santiago de Cuba City
Santiago de Cuba is hot, hilly and exhausting but at the same time seductively languid. Built on a sequence of hills overlooking a large bay with the Sierra Maestra in the background
Cayo Coco
Cayo Coco is a paradisiacal place relevant for the balance and degree of preservation of the ecosystem it has attained, by protecting its virgin atmosphere isolated from modern world
Isla de la Juventud
The Isle of Youth has been reborn as an island paradise, free of mass tourism and with natural resources underwater as well as above sea level. For a long time until the triumph of the revolution, one was sent here for punishment, today it is a reward to be here.
Capital and largest city of Haiti.