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About Aerocaribbean
Aerocaribbean is a Cuban national and international airline, whose fleet carries passengers (and freight) to about 11 local destinations, as well to several airports in Central America and the Caribbean.

ICAO designator: _AE

IATA designator: _N


Aerocaribbean was founded in the year 1982. Its regular and charter flights are carried out with crafts designed for short and medium range operations.

For some time now, Aerocaribbean has its own terminal at Havana's International Airport José Martí that offers its passengers a greater comfort and at the same time offers services to the General Aviation.

As a result of its long experience and quality in the services it offers, Aerocaribbean has got several national and international prizes and mentions among them the most recent the World Quality Commitments (WQC) handed in the 19th WQC International Convention held in Europe in the Gold category Paris 2002.